Labor laws are a vital part of our industrial and legal systems. Unfortunately, some employees are unaware of their legal rights and fail to realize their rights are being violated. Through Eddy Marban Law, you’ll be able to connect with a labor and employment attorney that will properly handle your case and help you understand your legal rights as well as obligations. Eddy Marban Law has both Miami and Coral Gables offices, where you can find the right employment lawyer to handle your case and be your advocate in the court.

Employment law is always changing. As unions and corporations battle back and forth, the employees often end up suffering. If you’ve found yourself the victim of labor disputes, it is important to know that you have a number of options. Hiring an employment lawyer who understands labor and employment law needs to be your first call. Employers have attempted to save their company’s finances by refusing to pay unemployment, and they have even been caught in lies, all to prevent paying employees benefits. Hiring an expert labor law attorney is vital to your future if you find yourself in an employment or labor dispute. Our Coral Gables and Miami employment lawyers understand what needs to be done to ensure you are protected.

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We are experienced and reputable employment lawyers who strive to provide the most effective legal services to our clients.

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The Law Offices of Eddy Marban specializes in employment disputes under both Federal and Florida law.

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The Law Offices of Eddy Marban focuses its practice to trial litigation in both Federal and Florida State Courts.

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"The Law Offices of Eddy Marban can guide you in protecting your legal rights. We have well over 30 years of experience handling and litigating employment cases through in trial and appellate courts."

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We have literally represented thousands of clients during the last 30 years. Our employment attorneys are more than experienced to help you with the litigation in employment cases such as pregnancy discrimination, unpaid wages, non-compete agreements and more. Learn more about our practice areas and how we can help you.