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Unpaid Wages

The employer is required to pay you for all wages that you have earned [see unpaid commissions]. The employer cannot retain your wages. Florida law provides additional protections to Federal law to allow you to recover your unpaid wages.

Our attorneys can help you determine what your rights are with respect to your facts. If you believe you were not paid all of your unpaid wages or have any other question regarding your pay, contact us today or call 305-448-9292.

Unpaid wages is a serious issue. When you work for a wage, but you do not receive the amount that was initially agreed upon with the employer, it’s vital that you reach out to an unpaid wages lawyer. An unpaid wages attorney can help you understand your rights, explain how to sue for unpaid wages and guide you through the process of the lawsuit. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where your employer is not paying you for your work or not fulfilling his obligations stated in the contract, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire an unpaid wages attorney and file a lawsuit against the company.