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Commercial / Breach of Contract Claims

A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two parties.  If you have a claim for payment due under a contract, you may be entitled to payment.  A contract may be either written or oral.  Each party to a contract makes a promise to either perform a certain duty or pay a certain amount.  If one party fails to act as promised and the other party has fulfilled the duties under the contract, the other party is entitled to legal relief, including money damages or equitable remedies that include specific performance.

Breach of Contract Litigation

Our employment attorneys can help you determine what your rights are with respect to your facts. If you believe you were victim of a breach of contract or have any other question regarding your claim, contact us today or call (305) 448-9292.

Breach of contract lawyers can help you through issues where there is a breach of commercial contact. In the construction industry, a breach of contract attorney should be kept on retainer. Unfortunately, some industries have a higher rate of contract breaches. If you are wondering where you can find a breach of contract lawyers near your location, contact Eddy Marban Law.