Year: 2018

Emotionally Abusive Boss

What Are the Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Boss?

Emotional abuse is a form of workplace harassment, which is commonly defined as belittling or threatening behavior towards an individual worker or a group of workers. Harassment and emotional abuse on the workplace cover a wide range of conducts of an offensive nature. These behaviors appear to be disturbing, upsetting or threatening, and in the […]

workplace romance

Can Employers Regulate Workplace Romance?

Workplace romance is an inevitable issue that comes up in any work environment, and it’s important for HR managers and employees to know and understand the employers’ policies and laws regulating this delicate topic. When relationships with coworkers don’t work out, both employers and employees may face problems that include potential sexual harassment or discrimination […]

Labor law

Restaurant Server Salary and Their Minimum Wage According to Labor Laws in Florida

As of January 1st, 2018, the hourly minimum wage for servers in Florida is $5.23 before tip income is included. Additionally, maximum tip credit against the minimum wage of $3.02 is allowed in the State of Florida. This practically means that you, as a “tipped worker,” are guaranteed the State of Florida minimum wage of […]

Hostile Work Environment Laws and Rights in Florida

A hostile work environment can be described as a setting that condones the inappropriate and uncomfortable behavior, policies and attitudes toward employees or coworkers. In Florida, a hostile work environment is considered a form of employee harassment, a charge with severe repercussions.   In order to be considered a hostile work environment against which an […]

What Are Employee Rights in the Workplace Under Florida Law

What Are Employee Rights in the Workplace Under Florida Law?

Employee rights in the workplace vary from state to state. If you are an employee in Florida, know your workplace rights to ensure you are receiving the treatment, conditions, and compensation you deserve for your labor. Here are Some of the Florida Employee Rights in the Workplace: Right to Privacy An employee’s right to privacy […]