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Director and manager yelling at businesswoman who made a mistake

Unfair Treatment vs Unlawful Conduct at a Workplace

Is there a difference between unfair treatment and unlawful conduct at a workplace? How to recognize these situations, and what to do about them? Keep reading to find the answers to these questions. Unfair Treatment at Workplace Unfortunately, there is no law against employee unfair treatment. Like most of the US states, Florida is also […]

workplace romance

Can Employers Regulate Workplace Romance?

Workplace romance is an inevitable issue that comes up in any work environment, and it’s important for HR managers and employees to know and understand the employers’ policies and laws regulating this delicate topic. When relationships with coworkers don’t work out, both employers and employees may face problems that include potential sexual harassment or discrimination […]

Hostile Work Environment Laws and Rights in Florida

A hostile work environment can be described as a setting that condones the inappropriate and uncomfortable behavior, policies and attitudes toward employees or coworkers. In Florida, a hostile work environment is considered a form of employee harassment, a charge with severe repercussions.   In order to be considered a hostile work environment against which an […]